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The Heart Not Dead

The heart not dead but numb with griefwrites in the leaves of other’s books.Ripe, dipped in fire, like horsesstumbling on crooked paths.Writes, the numb heart, to quellthe stillness, stagnant, writesto find the further stillness of motion.Writes, the numb, to dispelthe … Continue reading

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Today the flogging…

Today the floggingwill wash awayold categories.We will compose elegiesfor dead Indian chiefs,lauded now asecological exemplars.We will admit, finally,at the end of days,that we are too weirdto be redeemed.

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The Computers Came

The computers came, and the rich got richer. The computers came, and we had to work harder. The computers came, and our minds started racing in all directions; our eyes could not stand still. The computers came and connected us … Continue reading

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