Geometric Storm


Digital ink, digital paint.

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Angelica Noyola at Club Morocco


“Club Morocco is proud to present the fabulous heart-stopper and chart-topper, Angelica Noyola, in an exclusive two-week engagement! Backed by an all-star band under the direction of jazz legend Lester Pruitt, Angelica will set your soul on fire with a selection of her greatest hits and her unique renditions of classic tunes. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of our era’s greatest vocal artists in the lush, intimate settings of the famous Club Morocco. Book now, avoid the rush!” New York City, September 1947. 

Pencil sketch, digital paint.

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Jennifer Reid: On Consciousness

IMG_20180918_165620“The mystery of consciousness is key, but I think its resolution is beyond us. Neuroscience can tell us many near-miraculous things, but it has not and I think it cannot explain how these biochemical charges and protein exchanges in the brain give rise to the world, to the universe that we perceive – and experience – with our consciousness. In any case, even in the purest physical sense, the brain is not the sole producer of consciousness. The entire body – every atom of it – is a receptor of whatever makes up our awareness and experience of Being. The entire body – plus the interaction of every one of its elements with the outside world, at every point, from the quantum level to the cosmic. Try to sketch a tidy, nailed-down schema of such infinitude!”

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The Tennessee Abolitionist: Jeremiah Dalton


Jeremiah Dalton (1824-1882), XII Corps, Union Army. “To go against everything I’ve known, against everything everyone around me believes, against everything the churchmen preach, against everything my father and his fathers taught, against traditions and beliefs going back hundreds, thousands of years, evoking scorn, mockery, anger, disgust and violence from my own society, my own family – to do this and to believe that I am right and everyone around me is wrong, that I am not mad, deluded, corrupted, but that they are … This is the painful course of my life. Yet I will bear it out to the end, whatever the cost.”

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Sherrie Alexander: How Things Went


“Things … things could’ve been better. I wish it had been better. Something, I don’t know what, seemed to hold me back, hold me in. A mental thing. I’m sure there’s a name for it, but what does it matter now?”

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Vox Pop: Oliver Fletcher


“Narrowness of mind, uniformity of thought, cowardice in the face of challenging ideas. Yet I recognize these can be ways of trying to hold our fragile and friable psyches together in the midst of constant assault, from without and within. And of course, I’m guilty of all these things, and struggle in the same way. “

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Vox Pop: “How They Like It.” Leon Partacas


“Dry. They like dry food.”



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