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3 Responses to About

  1. 99 says:

    I seem to have lost your email, Chris, in all the switching out of dud computers in recent months, and I would really like you to see this piece by David DeGraw. I think he’s going to need the support of people who think more clearly to make his important work known to people who could really use the information.


    I think you will find it very worth your time to give it a hard skim, at least.

    Sorry to use this outlet for the personal message.

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  2. Ed Lawrence says:

    Floyd’s essay ( April 9, 2012) appears on Prison Planet just as I’m today reappearing in New Mexico. The coincidence with the feel of this website is pleasant and it is, along with the changed whereabouts, of note, having escaped Phoenix this morning. I drove out of a parking lot at 3 AM, the road to Silver City consuming five hours uninterruptedly…I hope a later, newer message appears on this unassuming little corner of cyberspace. I’m a writer. There are critical things to be sharing.



  3. Joe Eisen says:

    Hi. I notice your Burlesque Donate site is in Dutch and won’t change to English and doesn’t list USA as a country location option. That kinda limits donation options. Thanks!


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