“Red pillow where the head of Christ has lain”

redpillowRed pillow where the head of Christ has lain
swallowed up by blue green gold flora
in the wash of the sea
Red pillow where Christ dreamed
someone was sleeping beside him
nestled warm against his back
Sea creatures, coral, seaweed surround it
drifting in a warm soup of left-behind water
warmed by the sun in a hollow of sand
Red pillow where Christ rested
head pointed toward the sea
weaving the sound of the waves through his dreams
Troubled dreams, full of breakage
sweatdrops on the pillow
unbodied, feeling somebody close to him
Red pillow sinking
as the sand drinks the water
the creatures scurry, some of them die
Christ dreaming of otherness
his head on the pillow, the red pillow
now alone on the seabed stripped by the tide

Picture and text © Chris Floyd

About Chris Floyd

Tennessee. Moscow. Oxford.
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