Morning by the Creek, 1857


The apparition was glimpsed on the far side of the creek. It shimmered in a cloud of strange light, yet cast no reflection on the water. My camera, already set up to capture the quiet morning scene, instead impressed this wondrous spectacle upon its plates. Sometimes it appeared to be a single figure, at other times there looked to be a second by its side. Some human aspect it seemed to have, but with an otherworldliness so strong and frenzied it left one almost deranged. Yet I held steady, the camera on its stand held steady – and so too the apparition, at least long enough for the image to form. Then, as suddenly and soundlessly as it came, it dissolved into the morning air, and the world, which had seemed frozen or spellbound, set at some far remove, was suddenly released back into its normal flow.


About Chris Floyd

Tennessee. Moscow. Oxford.
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