Stars of the silent screen: Fiona Hampton


“Fiona Hampton (Fannie Kreutzer), famed for her roles in historical photoplays, including ‘The Doomed Queen’ (Anne Boleyn), ‘Stage of Tragedy’ (Mary Todd Lincoln) and ‘Christina the Conquerer,’ a forerunner to Greta Garbo’s later portrayal of the 17th century Swedish queen. As with so many of her contemporaries, Hampton’s career did not survive the rise of the talkies, although she did have a striking comeback role as an aged fence (‘Connie the Crone’) hawking stolen goods in a Bowery saloon in the 1952 B movie, ‘Dark and Deadly Love,’ now considered a film noir classic. Her last screen appearance was a brief cameo in a 1978 episode of ‘The Love Boat,’ which had been scripted by her grandson, Henry Kreutzer. She died in 1980 at the age of 83.” Pencil sketch, digital paint.

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