Bio: Rachael Landor


Rachael Landor (b. 1978). Poet. Her books include Amharic Odes, Decadent Lustre, and The Afterlife of Roy Earle. Born in Macon, Georgia, she now lives in Mexico City with her husband, the artist and translator Guillermo Fuentes.

Jesus Christ was a woman walking in her garden with her wife, a Persian poet. 
They held hands in the twilight, talking low of daily things. 
The rustle of their long skirts on the grass, the fires and flowers 
that decorated their tunics gave holy substance to the moment. 
Laila’s brother came to mind, a soul abandoned to itself, left in torment, 
and they lamented his condition, and sent up prayers on his behalf. 
Darkening and dewing, the hour crept toward the time for sleep. But they lingered, 
taking one more turn along the walls, growing closer in silence, 
closer and deeper in a togetherness that made each soul more its own.

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Tennessee. Moscow. Oxford.
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