“Moko the Clown”

Moko the clown

Still photo from the 1974 Soviet film, “Moko the Clown,” starring Mikhail Doroshevich; loosely based on the play “He Who Gets Slapped (Тот, кто получает пощёчины),” by Leonid Andreyev. An American film version of the Andreyev play was actually the first movie produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. It starred Lon Chaney and was directed by the great Swedish actor/director Victor Sjöström, best known for his remarkable lead performance in Ingmar Bergman’s “Wild Strawberries.” In the USSR, “Moko the Clown” ran for only two weeks before it was pulled from Soviet cinemas for its “spurious avant-gardism” and “anti-social character.”

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