Bio: Juliet Antonelli


Juliet Antonelli. Poet and translator. Born in 1961 in Volterra, Italy, to an Italian father and English mother, Antonelli wrote and published in both languages. Her books include Quattro Tempeste sulla Via Appia, Parabole di desiderio dimenticato, By Accident and There is No Moon in Hell. She is widely acknowledged as the foremost translator of Byron in Italian.

From Paroble:

Un momento meraviglioso: ero sdraiato sull’erba
in piena consapevolezza di tutto il dolore passato

e niente mi ha scosso, niente mi ha affondato,
nulla ha impedito alla mia anima spensierata di fluttuare,

un uccello che spara libero dagli alberi di betulla,
nel cielo serale ancora blu.

A marvelous moment: I lay in the grass
in full awareness of all past pain

and nothing shook me, nothing sank me,
nothing stopped my thoughtless soul from floating up,

a bird shooting free from the birch trees,
into the still-blue evening sky.

Translation by Antonelli

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