Stars of the silent screen: Darla Deveraux


“Darla Deveraux (Debbie Nozinski). Although she started out in bit parts as a ‘leggy blonde’ in comedies by Fatty Arbuckle and others, Deveraux was soon discovered by the great Swedish director, Victor Sjöström, after his arrival in Hollywood. He encouraged her to work in Europe, where she had notable success in films by Ernst Lubitsch, F.W. Murnau, Robert Weine and others. In one extraordinary interlude, she traveled to the Soviet Union where she appeared in ‘By the Law’ (По закону) by the director-theorist Lev Kuleshov, one of the creators of montage. Her return to Hollywood in the 1930s after the advent of the ‘talkies’ met with limited success; however, she later drew on her experiences with Kuleshov to become a noted film theorist, with a number of academic publications to her credit. She was awarded an honorary doctorate by UCLA in 1965.” Pencil sketch, digital paint.

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