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John Bridger. (1947-2013) “Punk poet” considered one of the godfathers of the movement. He co-wrote songs with John Lydon and Joe Strummer among others, and published a number of books in the 1980s and 1990s, including Jesus Christ Was a Woman, Mental Baptists, and The Afterlife of Roy Earle. He enjoyed a late vogue as a frequent guest on TV panel shows and presenter of the BBC4 quiz show, “Is This Who I Am?” His last book was his unexpectedly elegiac memoir, All the Noises are Far Away.

Although a black heat is on my heart
so heavy God can’t lift it;
although I was born bright as new snow
but am no longer;
although there is a thing inside that eats away all meaning;
although the sweats push out no poison but make room for more;
please let this sickness sweeten for just a little longer,
before you push me under and I drown.

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